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Welcome to the Cacao world! It is an ancient, contradictory, but perhaps the most successful food in the history of human civilization!
Confectionery O'Cacao! is a hymn to the remarkable product of cacao, a territory of love for chocolate, an ode to all the eternal sweet values!

In the old part of the town has been settled down our institution. Confectionery O'Cacao! is the dream of those who have a sweet tooth and the abode of various delicacies. The motto of our confectionery: “Quality in everything”. The pride of O'Cacao! is a 12-metred confectioner’s window, at which the freshest flavoured cakes, soft cookies, copyright and classic cakes, pastries, tartlets, marzipan figurines, chocolate gifts for every taste are presented every day – and all this is handmade by the best confectioners.

Our pastry cooks-designers are ready to realize even the most ambitious order, whether cakes in the form of favourite toys or a multilevel cake with a drop-down train of delicate sweet flowers. Dream up, here you will be understood.

In O'Cacao! there are always incredibly delicious cranberry, guelder rose tea. Our barmen are always ready to surprise with new tastes and aromas of fruit and light cocktails from more than 150 kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Taking into account that before to start up with sweets, many visitors would like to have a little snack, we introduced a menu of breakfasts, light lunches, pancakes with various fillings, vegetable and warm salads, steamed courses. We did not forget about our young visitors - especially for them we designed a children's menu.

The solar atmosphere of O'Cacao! will leave you only with the sweetest memories of meeting with loved and dear people.


Summer drinks


lime, syrup, mint, soda water, berry)
The taste of lemonade you can choose your selves


Cranberry and vitamin tea of our own production, Moroccan tea, Ginger tea....


(spinach, banana, honey, orange juice)


(orange fresh, strawberry, honey)


Blueberry puree,ginger,cinnamon stick, star anise, lemon, ginger syrup


Mors, ginger, cinnamon stick, orange, cansugar


Becherovka, Jagermeister, Triple Sec, apple juice, honey, cinnamon stick, star anise


White wine, apple juice, grape juice, passion fruit syrup, berries, orange, cinnamon stick


sea buckthorn puree, strawberry puree, ginger, strawberry syrup


spicy syrup, orange, apple, lemon juice, cranberries, black tea


Inkerman semi-dry white wine, apple juice, grape juice, cinnamon, blackberry, cranberry, passion fruit syrup, orange, mint

Hot Snacks


Among hot snacks you can choose julienne (with chicken or mushrooms), baked in a puff pastry. Puff pastry with cheese also has an original taste.Turrets made of baked vegetables and bacon do not only look appetizing, but also will surprise you by their delicious flavour.



Would you like to have breakfast? We can propose you milk porridges - oatmeal with dried fruit and semolina with homemade jam. For lovers of egg dishes we can suggest fried eggs with crispy bacon and toast (French breakfast), fried eggs with tomatoes, as well as omelettes filled with vegetables, with cheese and ham, with sausage and mushrooms (German breakfast). And what about pancakes? Their great range can make your choice quite difficult – but they all are excellent! There are pancakes with meat, with mushrooms, with red caviar, with broccoli and feta cheese. If you don’t want filled pancakes we can propose pancakes with butter. There are also dessert pancakes - with dried apricots and cottage cheese, or with apple filing and a ball of ice-cream. For lovers of cottage cheese there are cottage cheese pancakes, which, by your desire, can be also made with dried apricots, raisins and nuts.

Salads & Warm salads


We tried to make our salads not only delicious, but also original. Along with fish salads, which include smoked trout, shrimps, cod liver, meat salads (with chicken fillet, marinated veal) and vegetable salads with fresh or boiled vegetables, we also offer warm salads with seafood and meat (pork, veal, chicken liver, duck breast).

Dishes in jugs


Please do not leave without your attention our casseroles: moussaka, homemade ravioli (with meat, with minced fish), homemade noodles with chicken, baked with cheese, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms or with butter.



For lunch we have prepared a wide choice of entrees: light chicken broth - with eggs and toast, - with homemade noodles, - ravioli with vegetables. Cream soups: - of champignon – of Broccoli, and meat solyanka - royal fish soup.

Steamed dishes


Steamed fish with vegetables, chicken fillet with vegetables, steamed veal with vegetables, steamed pikeperch.

Hot meat dishes


From hot meals you can order meat dishes - pork, veal, veal liver. These dishes are served up with different sauces: for pork - cranberry, for veal - spicy tomato, liver is stewed in a spicy sauce. Along with fried meals you can choose steamed dishes: fish - salmon, pikeperch with vegetables and dutch sauce, meat - veal with vegetables and mushroom cream sauce chicken fillet with vegetables and ginger sauce.

Autumn menu

Autumn menu

Generous gifts of autumn in our new dishes

22 september 2019

26 august 2019

 Summer news!

Summer news!

14 june 2019

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